Hardwood floors are beautiful and timeless pieces of elegance. However, at times, homeowners notice gaps developing between the floors. The elegant hardwood floors start looking crooked. At that time, the homeowners felt it might have been a bad investment. 

Fret not. Relax, as this is a natural phenomenon. If the hardwood floorings have cracked up or a gap has set in, you can easily get it fixed. For the first timers, for hardwood flooring installation in Kent, it is always advisable to contact professional flooring experts. They have the tools and experience to install the floors properly without leaving gaps. 

Here are the common reasons why hardwood floors might develop gaps in them. 

Reasons behind gaps in a hardwood floor

Expansion and contraction 

Hardwood floors are made of wood, and hence, they naturally react to the weather and seasonal changes. During hot and humid days, the wood might expand, while during the freezing winters, the whole wooden floors will contract back. These repeated changes in contraction and extraction create gaps between the planks. 

Poor installation 

Again, if you’ve hired a local carpenter and not a flooring specialist for the hardwood floor installation, you might experience the problem of gaps after a few years. During the installation, the specialist leaves a certain amount of room to allow expansion of the joints. However, improper installations will not have the same effect. 

Ageing and shrinking 

With age, gaps tend to develop in the wooden floors. Not only wood, every type of floor might deteriorate with age and time. The glow and the polish tend to vanish, and the wooden planks age and shrink with time. So, if your hardwood floor is more than 40 years old, then it’s time that a few gaps are going to develop here and there. 

Moisture accumulation 

Spills can happen anytime. The floors have been the same for years. Moreover, during the monsoon seasons, the hardwood floors absorb a lot of moisture, which again tends to create gaps in the floor. Too much moisture accumulation can cause the wood to swell up and damage the same. 

Problems with the subfloor

During the installation, if the subfloor is not laid down properly. Then, after a few years, the hardwood floor will develop gaps. The base becomes wobbly and ghent the whole floor starts to tremble occasionally. Gaps gradually develop during the course. 

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