According to novice people unaware of the technicalities, both area rugs and carpets are the same. However, there’s a thin line of difference between both. Carpets and area rugs should be cleaned separately, especially when considering professional cleaning methods. 

While area rugs are pieces of rugs laid over a part of the floor, carpets are laid all over the surface area. Hence, when you hire a professional for carpet cleaning in Kent, make sure that you check the services they offer. 

What is the difference between area rug and carpet cleaning services?

Difference in installations

Area rugs are not installed wall to wall like the carpets. Hence, there’s a chance that you can pick up the area rug, wash it, dry it and put it back. However, with carpets, this is not possible. They are fixed on the floor. Hence, you cannot pick it up or wash it like the area rug.

Problems with colour bleeding 

Area rugs are made of a combination of different colours. Hence, when you try to clean the same, the colours might bleed and get mixed with other variants. Thus, using the right chemical solution for rug cleaning the area is important. Carpets have more or less a single variant of colour. Hence, they can be cleaned easily. 

Dry soil removal

You can easily eliminate the dry soil piles on the area rug with a good-quality vacuum cleaner. However, if you’re trying the same technique on the carpets, it might not work. It would be best if you trusted the professionals for dry soil removal on carpets. They have proper tools that can help get rid of the soil. 

Specialised care

The carpets are fine in terms of quality. They need specialised care, especially during cleaning, to maintain the quality and texture. It would be best if you didn’t trust a local carpet cleaning agent for the same. Professionals and reputed companies have the right chemical solutions that will retain the carpet’s original texture, colour and quality. On the contrary, area rugs are thick in texture and only require a little specialised care during the cleaning process. 

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