Do you have hardwood floors in your house? They are unquestionably an elegant decor for the interiors. However, hardwood floors need to be restored and refinished occasionally. The question is how often should you opt for floor restoration services. Since it is a costly event, you cannot opt for floor restoration now and then. There are a few factors that affect the decision of hardwood floor restoration. Do you want to refinish your hardwood floors? Then, contact professionals for floor restoration in Kent. They will help you with proper restoration services. 

Before you opt for the same, check these points in your hardwood floor positively.

What are the factors that provoke hardwood floor restorations?

Quality of the flooring

If the quality of the wooden floor is high, then restorations can be delayed. Higher-quality wooden floors last for years without refinishing and restorations. Irrespective of the footfall traffic, good quality floors are not subjected to wear and tear. 

Type of hardwood used 

Some types of hardwoods are harder compared to the softwoods. For instance, if your floor has been installed with maple, oak, ash, cherry and walnut, you can delay the restoration process. Again, if the floors are made of pine, birch, or teak, then the floor needs to be restored easily. 

Condition of past refinishing 

Has your floor been refinished once in the past? If so, you’ve to ask the professional to check the condition of the past restoration before opting for the new restoration process. If the floor has been through more than one restoration, then analysis of all past restoration is essential before you reach the conclusion and get the new restoration done. 

Thickness of the wooden floor

Thickness of a wooden floor matters. If the floor is thick enough, it can bear the pressure of more than one restoration. However, a wooden floor with thin layers that are not suitable for repeated floor restorations. They can be restored once or twice. Depending on the thickness of the wooden floor, the decision for restoration should be made. 

Check the condition of the floors.

Before you decide to restore the wooden floor, make sure you check the overall condition of the wooden floor first. If there are damages, scratches, and dents on the floor, you should delay the decision to restore the floor. Floors with structural damage will not produce good results even after the restoration process takes place. 

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